Linker Configuration File

Program code and data are placed in memory according to the configuration specified in the linker configuration file. The package that we have previously downloaded from the Diolan web site contains several linker configuration files in the lpc43xx\Linker\EWARM\ folder.

At the current stage we run our program from the internal SRAM memory, so we will use the lpc_4350_db1_m4_iram.icf file for LPC4350-DB1 demoboard or lpc_4357_db1_m4_iram.icf for LPC4357-DB1 demoboard. These files differs in the RAM region declaration - LPC4357 microcontroller has less internal SDRAM then LPC4350.

To specify the linker configuration file open the project options (menu [Project | Options...]), choose Config tab in the Linker category. Select the Override default check box and In the Linker configuration file window and click the ... button next to the edit field.

In the Open File dialog navigate to the lpc43xx\Linker\EWARM\ folder and open the  lpc_4350_db1_m4_iram.icf file. 

IAR linker configuration file selection